Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2011

Flight Plans to leave MTC

So we got our travel plans and heres the info...
Delta Flight 1306 Leave: Salt Lake City, 1:50 PM 07 June 2011 and Arrive: Atlanta GA 7:40 PM 07 June
Delta Flight 147 Leave: Atlanta GA, 10:00 PM 07 June 2011 and Arrive: Santiago Chile 7:35 AM 08 June 2011
So our district got split up when we leave which is kinda lame.  The 4 going to Vina Del Mar are leaving on Monday the 6th and then The 4 of us going to Santiago leave Tuesday the 7th.  Oh well.  I cant believe its here already, time has gone by sooo fast! Thats so funny about scott haha you will need to tell him to email me back and write me he has been slacking.  You should hire him to work in the yard or somehting since he cant find a real job for 2 days haha.  Also thats crazy about the lakers coach! Thanks for the update.  So anyways there are only a couple things that i may want.  Like maybe some wool socks, we talked to some voulenteer here who was from santiago and said wool socks are nice to have.  Also maybe that long sleve grey pocket t shirt, the surfing one, you know what im talking about?  Also me and elder Shaum think it might be nice to have some of those plane pillows but thats no big deal if you cant find them, and then just any fun plane package that might keep us entertained would be fun too =)
Also could you please send an email to Elder Mackay's mom and Elder Shaums Mom letting them know the flight info?  Elder Mackay is on the same flight and everything just the only thing different is he leaves on monday June 6th, but same times and everything

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