Monday, May 28, 2012

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sorry I got off but for next week be on around 4ish.
that is when I get back from the temple!
The tooth is all good just got it checked! 
We had a kid in our district go home this week, it was super sad but he will be back in a while! I will most likely write a letter soon! loved the package! I'm worryied about garett sometimes so keep me updated! this week we had Elder Andersen speak to us.... thats right 3 of the 12 now! which is un heard of. PRAY FOR THE OTHER 9! Or even the 3! Sorry it gets hard to write sometimes because the mtc is the same every week. LOVED the PICTURES on the camera. TELL the family I love them! Tell the fishers that they can e-mail me!
GOAL for the family Read JSH! IT IS EPIC!
Love you all and feel your prayers

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